8chan owner says site will stay down until he talks with Congress

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We just confirmed that someone claiming to be the Oslo shooter posted their Facebook stream and imgur links on our user-run politics board (which has denounced violence). Its moderators have deleted the thread. A manifesto was not posted.

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What about the fact that Emmy-award winning composer Laura Karpman composed the game’s original score? For instance, did you know that Christopher Lee and Heather Graham lent their voices to the inaugural launch trailer? And who can forget the first ever in-game food delivery command back in 2005! SOE also shared some other fun facts related to the anniversary. Or that more than 1,000 voice actors, including Wil Wheaton and Minnie Driver, have brought life to the many characters of EverQuest II? /pizza actually ordered pizza to be delivered to your door so you only had to stop playing long enough to answer the door (we hope you were decent!).

With card skimmers available and ATM vulnerabilities frequently disclosed at Defcon, cash is king at hacker summer camp.  Cash

You can only pay for your Defcon badge with cash, as well as most things at the hacker conference.

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Share She added in a bag to the look featuring Ariel’s sidekick and best friend Flounder, which added a whole new dimension to the incredible costume, which she paired with some Jessica Rich heels. Sofia Richie is the spitting image of Disney’s Sleeping… Khloe Kardashian shares cute-as-a-button Instagram album of…

Not sure how many tables they’ve taken out but there is one whole aisle of them that is gone. We wandered around and looked at the floor plan changes in the casino. They’ve clustered the few tables that are left at the rear directly in front of the main entrance and filled the vacated space with slots.

I think you are using the term “random” pretty loosely. The machines themselves are random. The odds factor comes in when you consider the fact that there are more losing combinations than winning on the “wheels”

Jackpot Wish are an online casino operative who have promotions in great quantity for performers to take benefit of. New players can change to immovable traditional into various game action with the Promotions.

If taking part in one among the games wherever you’ll be able to use a technique appeals to you then doing a bit analysis into the assorted methods is additionally suggested. Knowing however they work won’t solely assist you place them to figure effectively for you, however you’ll even be ready to recognize them being employed by your opponents.

Alina Bradford/CNET I always dread August because I know I’ll be spending a week in Las Vegas, where it’s hotter than the devil’s armpits. There’s a lot of walking, and staying hydrated is going to be important. 

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