School Rules

Being a part of the school

Every society needs rules to live by. These are chosen for the good of the majority and all members are expected to comply with them. At Carmel, rules fall into four categories:

Dress: The wearing of official school uniforms on school property:

No jewellery or elaborate watches. No make-up, no dyed hair or hair extensions. 

Long hair to be tied back.

Behaviour: Showing courtesy to and respect for others.

Please note: Stealing, the use of foul language or gestures, racial, cultural or religious insults, sexual offences and bullying (cyber, verbal or physical) are strictly forbidden. They may be punishable by exclusion.

Food: Absolutely no pork products are allowed in the school. Other rules are based on good health practices.

Smoking: The school grounds are a non-smoking zone.

Other: No cellphones, iPods, iPads, Lap top computers, electronic games or are allowed in the school.

School rules are taught and published on classroom notice boards for all children to see and be reminded about at all times. Parents are invited to familiarise themselves with them and to ensure their children comply with them.

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