School Uniform

Being a part of the school

When on school property pupils are expected to be in either a school uniform or regulation sports kit. Please do not permit children to wear non-approved clothing (except on “civvies” days) or to use satchels or sports kit bags other than those specified.

There are two sets of school uniforms, one for summer (hot weather) and one for winter (cold weather). Clothing lists (including sportswear) and the names of suppliers can be obtained from the school office.

Please note that boys’ shirts must be standard open-collar and have the Carmel badge on the pocket.

Every boy must wear a kippah (skull cap) for Shabbat. All children are required to wear a school hat outdoors all year round.

It is very important that all items of clothing and personal possessions (such as coloured pencils) are clearly and permanently marked with your child’s name.

Carmel School Administration must authorise all new uniforms and sports kit.

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