School Hours

Being apart of the school

Lessons start at 7.30 am. Pupils should be in school by 7.20 am.

Lessons end:

Monday to Thursday:   ECD-B and Grade One 12 noon

          Grade Two: 12.30 pm

          Grades Three to Seven: 1 pm

Friday:    All classes:12 noon

ECD-B and Grade One pupils may be escorted to classes in the morning and collected from the front verandah outside the Grade One classroom at 12 noon. Please use the dedicated Infant’s entrance and car park for ECB-B and Grades One & Two. We encourage parents of pupils in Grades Three to Grade Seven to drop and fetch their children from the main school gate. The road outside the school is one-way. Please obey the guard’s signals and do not park on the zebra crossing.

Except when matches finish later, pupils must be collected by 4.45 pm.

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